Super Safe Safety Vinyl Sheet Airlay

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Looking to step up your flooring game in Sydney, NSW?

G’day! Floor Zone has got you sorted with the Super Safe Safety Vinyl Sheet Airlay. Perfect for spaces that need a bit of extra grip, this top-notch flooring solution is all about keeping it slick without the slips. We’re not just selling; we’re fitting it too! Our expert crew will supply and install, making sure every corner is covered flawlessly. Hit us up today and let’s make your floors safe and stylish! Check out our website for all the nitty-gritty details. Safe as houses, mate!

Super Safe Safety Vinyl Sheet

Super Safe is a homogeneous vinyl sheet floor with a broad colour palette that offers extreme durability and superior wear.  Super Safe is available with a R10, R11 and R12  Slip Resistance Rating which meets all safety and health requirements and comply with the BCA and all slip-resistant standards. Suitable for commercial applications such as healthcare, education, office, retail and hospitality, Super Safe is hard wearing, easy to maintain and keep clean and comfortable under foot.​

All Colours below are available in R10

R11 & R12 Colours available in Fog Grey Plain, Storm Grey Plain, Jet Black Plain & Stone Taupe Plain

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