OH Mega EC Vinyl Sheet Flooring

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Floor Zone has got you covered, mate! We specialise in supplying and installing OH Mega EC Vinyl Sheet Flooring. Ideal for any setting, this flooring combines durability with sleek design. Whether you’re sprucing up your home or giving your workplace a facelift, our expert team will sort you out. Plus, our vinyl sheet flooring is a breeze to maintain. Ready to transform your space? Reach out to Floor Zone today and experience service as reliable as a pair of old Blunnies! Dive into our website to see our range or give us a bell to get started.

Electrostatic conductive properties
Engineered for ESD protection
Use Areas
Recommended applications include electronics manufacturing-wafer fabrication, product assembly, inspection and storage, laboratories, clean rooms and defence establishments. Also recommended for healthcare facilities where gases and/or electronic equipment are used during medical procedures such as operating theatres, anaesthetising areas, intensive-care units and radiology departments

2mm Gauge
2m x 20m Roll Size
5 Shades

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