Ritz Plaza Carpet Tile Flooring

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Ritz Plaza

Turn your floorcovering into a feature…

A funky patterned solution dyed nylon carpet tile to furnish any indoor commercial area.

Ritz Plaza Carpet Tile Flooring-50cm x 50cm

Constructions: Tufted High-Low Loop, Fiber: 100% Nylon, Pile Height : 3.0/4.5MM (±5%), Total Thickness: 6.5mm, Backing : PVC With Glass Fiber.
Glue Down: Yes, Antistatic Treated: Yes, Anti Soil Treated: Yes
Wear Warranty: 15 years (Normal Traffic)
Size: 50X50 cm, Packing: 24 Pieces, Square Meters Per Carton: 6m2

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