iD Naturals 70 Vinyl Plank Flooring 2.5mm Tarkett Australia

Categories: Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Plank

Looking for top-notch flooring in Sydney, NSW?

Floor Zone has you covered with the ID Naturals 70 Vinyl Plank Flooring 2.5mm from Tarkett Australia. This beaut choice offers unmatched durability and style for your space. We handle both supply and installation, making your renovation a breeze. With Floor Zone, you’re sorted with quality floors that look ace and last ages. Give us a bell today to get started on your flooring project. Perfect for any Sydney home or business looking to spruce things up!

The new iD Naturals 70 sets an unprecedented milestone in the design of modular vinyl collections. Our advanced digital printing technology enables us to reveal the most subtle details of wood and stone to make each plank or tile unique in grain, texture and colour. Most importantly, it enables specifiers to choose the best of natural designs embedded in the highest-performing vinyl materials. iD Naturals 70 has been designed for the most intense traffic areas. It withstands heavy loads and indentation, enabling maximum resistance to both static and rolling heavy loads up to 800 kg.

Tile 500 x 1000 mm, Total Thickness: 2.5mm, Ware layer: 0.70mm, Item Per Box: 7, Surface Per Box: 3.5m², Method of Installation: Glued Down

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