Horizon Carpet Plank Flooring Airlay

Categories: Carpet Planks

Looking to spruce up your floors, mate?

Floor Zone has got you covered with Horizon Carpet Plank Flooring Airlay. We’re the go-to experts in Sydney, NSW, for top-notch supply and installation services. Our Horizon Carpet Plank Flooring is a ripper choice for any office or home, offering unmatched durability and a sleek look. Don’t muck about with second-best. Give us a bell at Floor Zone, and we’ll sort you out with a stellar flooring solution that’s built to last. Check out our website for more info or to book a free quote today. Your new floors are just around the corner!

Horizon showcases the theoretical line that separates the planet from the sky. The elegant design using subtle textural lines will suit modern and classic interiors alike.

This flooring is cleverly engineered for heavy commercial areas and is manufactured using colourfast stainproof solution-dyed nylon.

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