Aurora Plus Carpet Plank Flooring NFD

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Looking for top-notch flooring in Sydney?

Floor Zone has got your back with Aurora Plus Carpet Plank Flooring NFD. Designed for Aussie homes and businesses, this durable solution is perfect for your next reno. We’re not just about supply; we nail the installation too. Pop into our Sydney shop or give us a bell today to sort out your flooring needs quick smart! Let’s get your floors looking bonza with Aurora Plus Carpet Plank Flooring NFD.

Available in a neutral galaxy grey featuring bright pops of colour, Aurora Plus carpet tiles offer a burst of colour and character to any space. Ideal for offices, retail outlets, schools and commercial spaces, Aurora Plus is sure to go above and beyond.


Designed to deliver excellent quality, durability, comfort and acoustics. Our Aurora Plus carpet tile is fit for purpose, commercially rated, stain resistant and comes with a 15 year warranty.


TILE SIZE: 250mm x 1000mm
PILE HEIGHT: 3mm – 4mm
PILE WEIGHT: 20oz / 550gsm
STRUCTURE: Multi-Level Loop Pile
BACKING: PVC Plus (4mm Cushion Backing)

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