Allura Flex wood-Vinyl Plank Flooring

Categories: Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Plank

Craft Your Dream Interior: Explore Allura Flex Wood Vinyl Flooring

Bring nature indoors with the stunning realism of Allura Flex Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring. This innovative 4mm LVT solution offers exceptional design flexibility, dimensional stability, and superior acoustics. Browse our 28 wood designs and find the perfect match for your space. Request a free quote today!

Allura Flex Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring-4mm Thickness-Forbo

Authentic wood and timber designs: true-to-life wood aesthetics in LVT flooring. It is the ideal flooring solution for offices, shops and multi-unit living.
Second-generation flex technology: Enhances dimensional stability, strength, performance and acoustic comfort.
Diverse design selection: Choose from 28 stunning wood floor designs that range in plank sizes from xl (150 x 28 cm) to herringbone-friendly 75 x 15 cm.
Lifelike wood grains: Designed to add depth and richness to the designs, with some embossing textures perfectly aligned with the underlying pattern.

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